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For your convenience to browse, select or order or all at the same time we are displaying our product profile in the following TWO dimensions

Listing of an item as per its application to a particular section of the vehicle like (ENGINE PARTS, GEAR BOX PARTS, SUSPENSION ITEMS ETC)

Product Line
Listing of an item as per its primary industry of manufacturing/ processing or the raw material ingredient being used like (FORGED ITEMS, CASTINGS, SHEET METAL ITEMS ,RUBBER & ELASTOMERS ETC.)

Besides the above two dimensions we have the regular Search & Browse All feature as follows:
Just type in the initial letters/name of the specific automotive product you are looking for, and click on the search button. This will give you an output of all items matching your request. Clicking on any of the items in the output will take you to the specific Application group.

Alternatively if you are wanting to source your CUSTOMIZED items by Design/Development & Production , please go to Manufacturing Lines Above.

In case you are a Product Designer/ Sourcing Manager wanting to source Copper or Brass Parts requirements by Design/Development & Production as per your Customized Specifications, Please click on

Browse All
All items of our Automotive Data Base - This section lists all the items of our Automotive Data Base in
alphabetical order. Clicking on any of the Automotive items will take you to the specific Automotive Application group.

Please Note :
Our Data Base Consist of Generic Names of the Products & therefore you will not find Vehicles Brand or Model Names (for e.g. Toyota Camry or Tata Indica etc) in the Search results. You may please mention the same in Fields provided in the Form that appear after you click the Add Query button.

"Click on application if you are looking for Automotive replacement parts"-----------"Click on product line if you are looking for precision engineering products."

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